Danny's Boys.

Following exciting twists and turns,Daniel earns a reputation in London and abroad as a man not to be crossed. Continually responsible for the deaths of family members and close friends, he finds it impossible to trust anyone.

Based on a fictional criminal East London gang of kids growing up in Walthamstow. The three part story follows their rise to the top during the boom of the nineteen eighties cocaine era.

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"Really enjoyed reading about the characters and the goings on in the place I grew up in. Can`t wait for the next one. Well done Richard."

- Kim Clemo

24th Aug 2013


"Absolutely loved this book. If you like true east end gangster books you will love Danny's Boys!! The characters are larger than life! Superbly written, this book will make u laugh and cry and keep you coming back for more...Truly brilliant!!!"

- Jacqui

30th Aug 2013


"East end skulduggery at it's best.... and set in the very place I grew up in!! A gripping tale thats well worth the read!! 10 out of 10 to the writer.... hopefully more of the same coming soon!!"

- Chris Pantz

13th Aug 2013


"well done richard,i loved it cant wait for the next one.if its as good as this,then it will be amazing"

- Ms. L. J. Baxter

8th Oct 2013


"Loved this book, kepted me hooked from the second chapter till the end, helped that I grew up were the book was based so knew all the places the author was talking about, would highly recommened."


27th Oct 2013


"Just finished Danny's Boys , a fantastic read full of thrills ++++++++ A must have to any gangster loving book reader."

- Niki

25th Oct 2013


"Read dannys boys by author Richard Barnard, I must say really good read had me captivated I couldn't put this book down. Looking forward to his next novel"

- suzyh

20th Oct 2013


"Excellent book Richard , loved the references to where we grew up , it made it much more real to know the places you have written about, it was a joy to get to know the characters and see them evolve as the chapters went on. Excellent read and highly recommend"

- cheeky cheryl

13th Oct 2013


"I downloaded this for my wife to read and only intended to look through the first few pages as the author is a local man. I I sat up till 4 in the morning as I couldn't wait for the next chapter. Coming from someone that hasn't sat and read a book since school speaks volumes. I can't wait until the next book comes out. Hats off to you Richard. Well Done Martin Keys"

- Lynne

28th Sep 2013


"Wicked book ! All about the area I grew up in !!! Can't wait for the 2nd one to come out !!!"

- samantha wilkerson

18th Sep 2013


"i loved this book, just couldn't put it down, anyone from the Eastend will relate to it and believe in the characters. Knowing all the landmarks mentioned was a nostalgic blast from the past and made me feel like i knew the characters personally.i cant wait for the next one to be published !!! fabulous book !!!"

- kim clayton

11th Aug 2013


"This a great book. I could not put it down as it is a real turn pager. I would say its an even better read than Martina Cole, so if that's the genre you like you will love this book. I hope the author writes another book because I will be one of the first to buy it."

- Louise

11th Aug 2013